The Noviha celebrated their Hogbetsotso 2016 on  the 10th of September, 2016. It was a grand affair with members dressed in tradidional attire to commemorate the migration of the ewes from Notsie. The Noviha Cultural education and awareness takes the form of a bi-annual celebration of Hogbetsotso Cultural Festival. The festival draws audiences from many African nationals living in the UK and the general public. This years event comes under the Theme, YOUTH CULTURAL EDUCATION. It was an opportunity to showcase the Ewe culture and to raise funds as well as to show our historical origins and traditions. Highlights of the festival include the traditional Ewe dances by the Noviha Youth, the attendance of our traditional  Chiefs from Ghana in their  regalia with traditional drumming and dancing. Watch this space the Event will be organised again in the next two years or so.