Noviha UK is raising £10,000 to Support Special Needs children at Denu-Chicago Basic Schools in the Volta Region of Ghana.Children, diagnosed with vision and hearing loss or orthopedic impairments, mental retardation or learning disabilities have one thing in common – they all face physical, mental or emotional challenges that make it difficult for them to cope with everyday living.

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These children require constant medical care, mental and physical therapy, a specialised learning environment and constant support.

To see physically challenged children from Denu-Chicago special needs school crawl in the scorching sun and hot sands of Ghana, the visually impaired wandering the pot-holed streets of Denu without specialised walking sticks. They are routinely excluded from most educational, social and cultural opportunities. Financial constraints can take a toll on their family environment too.

Please support Chicago-basic schools to help children whose physical and medical disorders significantly limit their ability to function, to have increased independence and choice in the cornerstone areas of their lives.

£10 will give a vision impaired child specialised walking stick,

£50 will give a physically challenged young man a wheel chair,

£100 will give a whole class of 12 children specialised learning toys and education materials.

The Chicago Basic Schools is the only institution, with a disability support centre in the Southern part of the Volta Region of Ghana that is helping disadvantaged young people to have positive youthful experience.

The next centre is at Ho, the regional capital which is 120 kilometers away.

The school is based in Denu, a small coastal town on the South Eastern corner of Ghana and has over 100 children who are disadvantaged in various ways.

With little government support this school is struggling to cope. The school needs help to give these young people a good start in life, just like other children.

Please donate generously to help needy children!

Thank you. Nothing is too small! Any amount you give is welcome and greatly appreciated.